My ornaments are made using Twilleys Goldfingering thread, one of the softest metallic
yarns I have ever used. Machine washable.
80% Viscose, 20% Metalized Polyester.
I use this thread because the sparkle is unbelievable and does not
unravel as others do, the metallic stays put.
That does not mean you cannot use other threads with these patterns.
Just depends on the final outcome you want.
Small Gold Thread #2
Small Silver Thread #5
Small White Multifingering Thread #10
Small Thread Photo
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Gold #2
This Gold has such sparkle it will make all your projects glow.
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The small cones are 25 grams (approx 109 yards)
and will make approximately 4-6 ornament covers, depending on your gauge.
$6.25 each / $6.50 for Multicolor
(plus ship/hand)
Silver #5
Many of my customers use the metallic thread for other craft projects.
I compare the thread to a #10 crochet cotton in size. It has a bit of elasticity
and pulls up around the ornament quite snuggly.

Below are the colors that the Twilleys Goldfingering comes in. Customers have
told me that the covers keep the ornament from breaking when dropped.
If it does break, the cover can be put on another glass ornament.
White Multifingering #10
Silver shines like the starry night
Black # 31
White with opalescent threads throughout.
Great for making snowflakes.
Red # 38
Black with loads of sparkle.
This would make a beautiful delicate shawl or snood.
Forest Green # 51
Makes me think of a Fire Truck all shiny and bright.
Deep green as moss on a shaded hillside.
Burnt Orange # 64
This is a muted bright orange. I live in Tennessee so it goes without saying that is the color of the University of TN
Chocolate # 65
Chocolate is as chocolate does but with flair and sparkle!
All orders are shipped Priority Mail and should be received in 2-3 business days.

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$6.25 each
$6.25 each
$6.25 each
25 Gram
25 Gram
$6.25 each
$6.50 each
$6.25 each
$6.25 each
$6.25 each
25 Gram
25 Gram
25 Gram
All orders are shipped Priority Mail and should be received in 2-3 business days.

25 Gram
25 Gram
25 Gram
Twilleys Goldfingering Thread
$4.00 each
Can't find the right crochet hook? Find it here. This is the one I use.
Susan Bates Steelite #5 1.7mm
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Large 250 gram cones, 1098 yds.
Large Silver $50.00
Large White $55.00
5 Available
5 Available
Large Gold $50.00
1 Available
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